Meet Rococo Wonderland: a masterclass in interior design

Rococo Wonderland is an artist and freelance interior designer from east London, and her neon light installations have been setting art shows across the country alight in recent months. Wonderland let us inside her home to speak about her about interior design style and inspiration.

Wonderland describes her work as “very busy”, and entering her home is opening the door to a sensory experience in design. Neon lighting tussles with statement wallpapers, strong contrasting colour schemes, bold furniture and delicate touches of soft furnishings.

“I integrate interior design and art. I have a David Shrigley bed set as well as Tracey Emin bath towels and mugs, alongside all of my own work of course,” Wonderland explains.

“Art, wallpapers, dark paint, use of lime green accessories, sheepskin, deep coloured rugs, mirrors and Rococo furniture are all strong features of my current designs,” Wonderland continues, as she picks out some of her favourite current items in her home.

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One of the striking things about Rococo Wonderland artworks is the bold use of lighting, and this continues through her interior design. “All my art is about playing with different fluorescent lighting effects,” she affirms.

In the living room, sheepskins are used to lend a softer edge to the darker colours and accessories, and in the bedroom an elaborate bed gives a luxurious feel against a dark wall, resulting in a cocoon like feeling.

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You can see Rococo Wonderland’s art later this month at Hawkshurst Vault  and Lights of Soho’s City Lights exhibition. Contact her directly through for quotes and pricing on any of her artwork and interior products.

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