Liveblog: How to improve conditions in the private rented sector


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February 4th was Rent Freedom Day, held by housing campaign group Generation Rent. Roost covered a series of talks at Westminster debating current issues for renters. Read the liveblog of the talk on how to improve conditions in the private rented sector (PRS) here.


PRS: The cause or solution to homelessness?

It’s Rent Freedom Day today and people are gathering from across the UK to listen to talks discussing the key issues at the heart of renting. The private rented sector has had its fair share of problems, but today Hannah Gousy and Sarah Macfadyen are here from homeless charity Crisis to explain how assured shorthold tenancy is now the leading cause of homelessness. Join Roost’s live blog for the latest updates here.

Homeless in New York

Is rent control really a solution? Live blog from Rent Freedom Day

rent freedom day

The big day has come: it’s time to put renting rights back on the agenda. Rent Freedom Day will see people across the UK gather at Westminster to debate an issue that is affecting an increasingly large part of the population Today, I listen to a debate about rent control, with the panel discussing if it really is the solution. Taking to the stage are: — Becky Ely, — Mark Littlewood, Institute of Economic Affairs Director General, — Alan Ward, Chair of the Residential Landlords Association — David Lammy, MP for Tottenham and Harringay (who replaces no-show Dianne Abbott) Follow my live blog to read a blow by blow account of the debate.

All in favour, say RENT!

Liveblog: Rent Freedom Day – Owen Jones keynote address

Hello friends! Today is the day Roost will be covering the inaugural Rent Freedom Day, a programme of talks curated by our friends over at Generation Rent. Check back over the site throughout the day to see frequent updates, but i’ll be kicking things off by liveblogging the keynote address, delivered by everyone’s favourite babyfaced social warrior and arch polemicist Owen Jones. Just click the gorgeous portrait below to find the blog.

Owen Jones. Wikimedia Commons.

Owen Jones. Whimpering Tory just out of shot.