Roost reports: Rental Freedom Day: ‘Starting a local renter group’ & ‘why are house prices are so high?’

Starting a local renter group

Robert Perks Room, Central Hall Westminster

4 February, 2015

12:00pm – 12.50 p.m

Following Thomas Howell’s introduction, Robert McCallum will be bringing updates from ‘starting a local renter group’. Want to know more about how to take action against the current housing crisis in your local area? #roostreports has you covered.

Donald English Room, Central Hall Westminster

4 February, 2015

1:00pm – 1.50 p.m

Robert will then be bringing live updates as Duncan Stott, chair of Priced Out, Sam Bowman, deputy editor of Adam Smith Institute, Heather Wetzel, Labour Land Campaign officer, and Ben Dyson, head of research at Positive Money, dig deep into ‘why are house prices are so high?’ As the monumental housing crisis unfolds, the speakers will delve into the complexities in the market that have driven us towards its current state.

If you have any questions tweet me during the event on @therobmccallum.


Roost Reports: Rental Freedom Day, “Ending fuel poverty in the private rented sector”

Roost Reports: Rent Freedom Day, Alternative Housing Supply

Wednesday 4 February

Central Hall, Westminster

11.00am – 11.50am, William Sangster Room

Fed up with headlines warning of the dire state of property market prices?

The combination of an increasing demand and dwindling housing supply are driving up rental prices.

With greater supply comes lower prices for renters and buyers. This talk showcases the most innovative ideas to boost supply by gathering eminent speakers from all corners of the UK housing supply movement.

If you are unable to make the talk watch this space for a live blog of the event. Questions or comments: tweet me @thomascox500.


1. Stephen Hill, Director of C2O Future Planners

Future Planners is a long-term urban regeneration project founded by the Royal Institute for British Architects

2. Zoe Savoury, project officer at Community Land Trusts (CLT)

CLT is a volunteer-run organisation that builds housing for communities.

3. Matt Hutchinson, Director Spare Room

Spare Room helps people find a room to rent. For free.

4. Jon Fitzmaurice Director from Self-Help Housing

Self-Help uses empty properties to provide affordable housing.

Roost Reports – Rent Freedom Day, 4.2.15

Hullo! The Roost team will be liveblogging Generation Rent’s inaugural Rent Freedom Day on Wednesday 4 February at Westminster’s Central Hall.

The UK’s rental market is expensive, erratic and favours landlords over tenants. Rent Freedom Day is a vehicle for private renters and their allies to voice their opinions and show that they are “angry, organised and ready to evict any MP who doesn’t tackle the serious issues facing private renters today”.

The symposium will factor debates and talks by high-profile governmental speakers; workshops in instigating rental groups; tutorials in rental rights; a chance to lobby your MP; and a little bit of cerebral stand-up comedy from Josie Long and Andy Zaltzman.

Thomas will be covering Owen Jones’ opening keynote address. One of the UK’s brightest political commentators, the Guardian’s resident wunderkind columnist and a best selling author, Jones is a self-defined “4th generation socialist” and impassioned writer: a pitch-perfect and relevant voice to kick-start proceedings.

We’ll be liveblogging from 10am.

If you have any questions or comments then tweet me before or during the event on @gwynforhowells

Rent Freedom Day live coverage — rent control viable or a disaster waiting to happen?

Anyone who rents in the UK cannot ignore the astronomical prices people are now willing to throw away on, say, a shoebox flat in a rundown part of Wapping. And the worse part’s self perpetuating beast – we may well moan about the unaffordable prices, but if we keep paying then landlords will keep charging.

It also doesn’t help that the government seem to be doing very little to ease this problem. There are now 10 million private renters in the UK — now is the time to act.

This is where Generation Rent come’s in. On 4th March 2015, the organisation is hosting Rent Freedom Day: “A day for ordinary private renters and their allies to hammer home the message to Westminster – that we are angry, organised and ready to evict any MP who doesn’t tackle the serious issues facing private renters today.”

It will be a seminal day for renters all over the UK to:

  • Lobby your MP
  • Hear the main political parties debate the housing crisis
  • Learn how to organise your own local renters group
  • Enjoy some stand-up comedy
  • Find out your rights as a renter
  • Register to vote
  • Develop policies that will improve the lives of renters

Join us at the Rent Freedom Day event or follow Roostmag’s live coverage, you can join in the debate by tweeting #generationrent .

Alex will be covering a talk on whether Rent Control is the solution. Join her from 11.50 GMT to hear minute by minute account of talks from from Diane Abbott, MP, and Becky Ely, who create the viral Rent Control petition with 38 Degrees, put the case for rent controls against Institute of Economic Affairs Director General, Mark Littlewood and Alan Ward, Chair of the Residential Landlords Association.

Tweet me at @Alexandraaa_cg in the lead up to the event with questions you want me to throw at the speakers

See you on 4 March !

Rent Freedom Day: How to improve conditions in the private rented sector

Naomi will be at the talk “How to improve conditions in the private rented sector” at 12pm in the William Sangster Room.

Environmental health practitioners will be discussing the unfair conditions for private renters and how the situation can be improved.

They’ll cover new ways of dealing with the issue of poor housing and what can be done to ensure we have decent homes in the future.

Join the conversation at #generationrent #rentfreedomday and keep up to date with our live blog.

You can tweet me at @naomilars